Counterfeits hunt

Counterfeits hunt in the Middle East: A year-round mission in UAE.

Inspectors conduct daily visits and investigate stores to ensure they are following laws.

Authorities have confiscated more than 7,000 fake products in Abu Dhabi so far this year. And these fakes were seized not in random busts – but as part of strategic inspection campaigns, with a clear mechanism in place.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (DED) had launched the campaign to uphold the rights of trademark owners, protect consumers against commercial fraud, and prevent the entry of counterfeit products into the local market.

A total of 7,079 products -including clothes, accessories, electrical and electronic devices, automotive supplies and spare parts, and building materials – were seized this year under the ongoing drive.

Inspection campaigns are part of procedures that aim to combat counterfeits by the DED department.

In case they find counterfeit products, a violation will be issued against the facility while the products that are counterfeit and non-conforming to the local standard specifications are confiscated and destroyed.

Campaigns are carried out throughout the year, the official said. Inspectors conduct daily visits and investigate stores to ensure they are following laws.

An approved mechanism is also in place to confiscate counterfeit items, and it includes identifying stores selling the products, visiting the facility, and confiscating fakes, if any.

Following the discovery of counterfeit products, the inspector identifies and classifies the fake products. The act of inspection and confiscation are documented in the control record, and then a violation notice is issued against the facility.
Since the beginning of the year, Abu Dhabi has witnessed an active and vibrant commercial activity after launching several motivational programs and initiatives. It was necessary to increase the monitoring level on the market’s goods and products.

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