IP rights infringement investigations

Initial/ongoing market investigations:

Upon our client request, we initiate a market search campaign, which is an essential part of our Anti-Counterfeiting – Trademarks and Copyright Protection work to identify any IPR infringement that could be fake products, substandard products, or trademarks infringement and copyright theft.
That can be applied to exhibitions as well, where we send our investigators to report any case of IPR infringement of our clients’ brands/trademarks

In-depth investigations:

Further investigations about a suspected target usually collect more information about that target?s business, shops, warehouses, etc. That requires additional work such as surveillance, tracking, etc. followed by a detailed report with all gathered information.

IP law enforcement

Proceeding with legal actions against IPR infringements:

Officially reporting any identified IPR infringers to related the IPR law enforcement authorities.
We submit all the information, pieces of evidence, and samples that we have collected during our deep investigations to proceed with the legal procedure.

Liaising with IP law enforcement authorities

Supporting and following up the legal actions against IPR infringers with IPR law enforcement authorities, including raids, seizing illegal products and counterfeits, etc.
Whenever it is applicable, our team attends the raids with the authorities and witnesses the seizure operation.

After raid services:

Following up with the authorities on the raid and the seized counterfeit products’ official report, the punishment decision, and the destruction procedures of the seized counterfeits.

Listing brands and trademarks with the IPR bodies

As the authorized IPR protection agent by our clients, we enroll their registered brands/trademarks with the government IPR departments such as CID, Customs, Consumer Rights, and EconomicDevelopment Department, etc. in order to get notified whenever any of these departments suspect any case of IPR infringement related to our enrolled clients.

Events management

Awareness programs and events

Setting up official meetings, seminars, workshops, and any Anti-Counterfeiting – Trademarks and Copyright Protection awareness programs requested by our clients.
Conducting training on behalf of the brand owner to educate the local IP bodies about the products and how to distinguish between the genuine and the counterfeit products

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