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Electronics counterfeits busted. Electronics counterfeits dealer admits $1.5m in sales. Anti Counterfeiting Services, best IP firm in the Middle East.
Electronics dealer admits $1.5m in counterfeit sales Electronics counterfeits busted: a Las Vegas businessman has pleaded guilty to charges that he trafficked counterfeit Apple and Samsung phone parts and accessories. Saad Ahmed (32) admitted conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods via his Phone Parts USA business, which sells cell phone components and other electronics throughout...
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Counterfeits hunt in the Middle East, a year-round mission in UAE. Protect your brand with Cosmos Intellectual Property Services in the Middle East.
Counterfeits hunt in the Middle East: A year-round mission in UAE. Inspectors conduct daily visits and investigate stores to ensure they are following laws. Authorities have confiscated more than 7,000 fake products in Abu Dhabi so far this year. And these fakes were seized not in random busts – but as part of strategic inspection...
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Massive Counterfeit bust in China
Massive Counterfeit bust in China: Law enforcement officials in China struck a major blow in the fight against knock-off Lego products. A coordinated raid has shut down one of the biggest offenders around. For years, a company called Lepin has been producing buildable toys. Like Lego, theirs are also made from bricks. They’re also 100...
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Alibaba fights Against Counterfeits. Protect your trademerk with Cosmos Intellectual Property Services and Anti counterfeiting in the MENA region
Last week, Glossy reported a bit of good news for luxury brands and resellers around the world that 2018 saw a drop in counterfeit goods among resellers, according to new data from the luxury goods authentication platform Entrupy. Alibaba fights Against Counterfeits: Things are looking similarly positive for a platform that has faced significant challenges with counterfeit...
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